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Hello! Welcome to my web portal. This site provides a way for those interested in psychic and paranormal phenomena to learn about me and my unique gifts, my interests, and provide a way to contact me for additional information. I hope you find this site useful in your quest for answers about the Other Side, spirituality, and how everything ties together in our space-time universe. I have over 27 years experience as a practicing medium. I have been aware of my gifts since I was 5 years old and began reading situations and people in my teenage years. My earliest psychic memories are of seeing things no one else did. I SEE DEAD PEOPLE! Along with spirit guides, spirit protectors, angels, and other types of supernatural entities. I can help with: Contacting spirits on the other side via direct reading or séances Life Readings and Prediction: family, relationships, work, fortune, social, guardian angels/spirits, aura reading, and connection to the spirit world Health issues - detection, prevention, weaknesses Grief Counseling to deal with sudden passings or unresolved passings (when working with a licensed counselor) For more information, please click on the menu links at the top of this page. To contact me for more information, please click on “Contact”. I do one-on-one readings and phone readings for people who are out of the area.  
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Latest News June 2013: I know the wait has been long, but I am going to be taking a limited number of reservations for one-on-one readings. Please contact me for an appointment or to get on the waiting list. December 2012: We started work on the new website and hope to unveil it early next year! The new site will have many new features and will not require flash for navigation.